Monthly Archives: June 2014

Animation Project!

Hi Year 3, next week we have a really exciting project for all of you! We want you to make a moving animation video using plasticine. What type of animation would you like to create? Maybe you would like to re-create an Ancient Greek myth or even consider creating a future scene of you in Year 4 and all the positive changes you have made.

Post your responses below, I am looking forward to reading your ideas.

WaterAid Fundraising Event

Hi Year 3, I can’t wait for our  WaterAid fundraising charity event next week. I was hoping to gather some possible ideas of what types of activities you would like to do, maybe you would like to have a hula hoop competition or an egg and spoon race?

Share your ideas and opinions and let’s try and raise as much money as possible for WaterAid. I can’t wait to read them all.