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Biggest Bugs!

Biggest Bug?

Take a look at the following website links, what can you find out about the largest insects?  Share your ideas on the blog. – you will need to click on the photos of each of the insects to read the information about them.

Remember to stay safe when using the internet, use the links I have given you and don’t click on any other parts of the website unless I have asked you too.

Thank you,

Mrs Cooper.



Hi Y4C

I hope you have all had a lovely break. I wonder if any of you shared with your families all the things we learnt about our digestive system? Did you tell them we made poo?! I’d like you too write about what we did, did you enjoy making poo? If not why not? What was the best thing about it? What did you learn?

Your explanations that you wrote in your red books afterwards were great!

Thanks Y4,

See you on Monday

Mrs Cooper.


Hi Y4C,


This week in Class Assembly we talked about dreams and aspirations. We saw how Martin Luther King’s dream inspired others to make the world a fairer place. I wonder what your dreams and aspirations are for the future? How can you make a difference? Were you inspired by Martin Luther King? Why?

You gave some great answers in assembly time,

I’m looking forward to reading your replies on here.


Mrs Cooper. 


Hi Y4C,

You brought some lovely belongings to share for our SEALs lesson. You were all very kind.

What did you like about sharing your special things with others?

How did it make you feel? Why?

Did you find it difficult to share your things with others? Why?

Was it good to have a chance to share other people’s special things?

I thought you shared beautifully. Thank you.

Mrs Cooper.