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Scratch Games Evaluations

For your homework over half term, we would like you blog an evaluation of the scratch game you made this half term. It needs to be at least 200 words.

Use the thinking hats to help you organise your thoughts:

Blue Hat – The Big Picture hat: What did we set out to do? What was our task?

White Hat – The Fact Finder: What did we need to know how to do before we could start? What have we found out since?

Yellow Hat – The positive thinker: What worked really well? What are the good points? Why did it work so well?

Black Hat – The negative thinker: What didn’t work so well? Why was this?

Red Hat – The emotional thinker: How did I feel when making my game? How did I feel when it went well? How did I feel when it didn’t go so well?

Green Hat – The creative thinker: What other ways are there of making your game? What would you do differently next time? What would you change about your game if you had time?