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Tim Peake Homework 29th April 2016


Year 5,

We have been hard at work learning all about space in our topic this half term.

We hope you enjoyed our visit from our Space Ambassador Mr Porter on Monday morning. He told you a lot about Tim Peake and his mission (Principia) on board the International Space Station.

One of Tim’s main aims while he is on board the ISS is to interest and inspire as many children about space and science as possible. So, for your homework, we would like you to research and blog about any other interesting or fascinating facts about either Tim Peake or his time on board the ISS.

You could research what it is like for Tim Peake in space, what sorts of things he has been doing during his visit or anything else about the mission you think your class would be interested to read about.

Please also comment on each others’ posts if you have found out something interesting by reading all the posts!

Happy Bank Holiday!

Mrs Gamston and Mrs McManus