Creating a character

Hi Year 6,

This week we have been looking at creating interesting character descriptions based on our book Skulduggery Pleasant.

My task, for you, is: using all the techniques you have learnt so far, can you use your amazing imagination and write a character description which shows everyone how much of an amazing author you are?

I’m looking forward to reading your ideas

Mr Thompson :)

19 thoughts on “Creating a character

  1. Hs

    Winston Chu lurking in the corners of the world whatching you where ever you go with dark slick back hair and hazel eyes that shine in the deep dark alleyways tattoos all over his body.

  2. GH

    Deep in the valley, by the river side, the deadly flaming eyes look over the tiny village of Orxtle. His name was Evokor. Bang guns fired. Crash buildings fell. Ha ha ha the menecing man laughed. By day he was that ordinary man but by night the darkness changes his sole. The only way to stop him is to find his hart and destroy it. His real name was lost in fire many years ago. His voice puts you into trance. He will destroy you so stay away from Evokor!

  3. B.V

    Lurcing in the thick dark shadows, Night owl searches for crime, pearing over the glooming festive lights in the city off Gotham. He has a brown owl mask with darker brown ovals around the green eyes ,that pear out to the distant horizon in the inky night sky. Under the intimerdating mask is thick black hair, with a faux Huaque hair stile .At night he gets possessed by the demon ; he grows wings as black as the midnight sky .Spikes rip out his back ,colliding his bones around in his cold -blooded body, and turns from a life saver to a massive owl on a rampage of rage.

  4. KT

    Midnight is a girl with murky hazel eyes and long silver glistening hair.She has a bad attitude to anyone who comes near her. This mystery woman must have her way or her piercing screech will deafen thousands of innocent people .You will find this girl in her haven London ,traffalger street.She is 21 years old and has a jet-black skirt that effortlessly fits to her thin romantic body and a t-shirt that is as black as the night sky when it’s in its darkest shade, she has perfectly done smokey eye make up on both eyes and a scarlet red lipstick. Her voice entrances you even if she just says hi ,if you have a convosion with her by the end of the convosion you will be in love.

  5. Zoe

    Maddie Woods is a fourteen year old girl. She lives in far away town from all of the big city’s houses although her family is poor,she is not like any other fourteen year old girl although she has blue eyes and brown hair, she is not at all normal. She looks normal until you she her back! She has WINGS! See I told you she was not normal. Her wings are huge they are the size of a ten year old girl. Although she does not have many friends she still has a faverouite place to go. And that place is the local farm,she love to go there to look after all of the animals. But at night she turns into a horned creature that swoops around Manchester in and around the twisted buildings. She threads her body through the traffic of the rush hour cars. She can be terrible if she had a bad day. She never gets to sleep if she has a bad day, all she wants to do is scream at the the world. She can be good when she wants to. But when she sees something shiny she’ll swoop and twist down to reach it. She’ll soon be coming for you…

  6. BT

    In a tiny, lonely and an unknown village stands a very young boy with a name that goes by Jacob. He seems like a really kind person, however as soon as a full moon rises he changes a lot…
    He grows sharp teeth to such the blood from the children’s necks his eyes turn fron light blue to the darkest red, also he could become invisible for ten minutes max, however his best power of all is shooting bats out of his eyes.
    He becomes a fully grown vampire lurking from shadow to shadow. He torcheres all of the innocent civilians in the unpopular village. The legend says that the way the village is unpopular is because of Jacob. He kills the citizens that are newborn. Nobody is safe. The way people don’t see him is because evrything he wears is black. That’s how he kills everybody including all the animals that have no clue what is going on around them at night. He rules the sky with his midnight black wings spawning bats to haunt and frighten innocent children and adults. He shows no fear. He shows no tracks. He shows no sign of weakness. He is invincible, nobody could kill him.

  7. LH

    Hiding in the shadows Slasher was hidden in the mysterious inky dark night were he can not be seen.At night when it’s full moon his eyes pop into a red shadow eye looking like a vampire.After he new it purple spikes came rattling out of his spine cranking like a snake biting into you’re skin horns came popping out of his head turning into a bull he was holding a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it. He was getting ready to rage into a bloodfirsting creature that’s gonna tack over earth…

  8. BF

    In London, hidden in the shadows, a wolf-like human is looking out for some trouble. Short white hair and burning red eyes. He goes by the name of Alpha. Hated by many people and is the number one most wanted in the country. Alpha wears full black to camoflage in to the shadows. His tail pokes out the back of his pants; the tail as grey as an old mans hair and a white tip on the edge. With all powers including mind-reading and telacanisis.

    When the full moon rises, Alpha’s true form is shown. A ferocious black wolf, leading his pack to make more trouble in the world. Blood curdling howls echo from in the dark, forbidden forest.

    When the full moon falls, Alpha goes back to humanish form. Still lurking in the shadows.

  9. H.W

    Lurking deep beneath the mysterious shadows lies an unknown soul . Unknown to anyone , anything .It’s called Luna ; that’s Luna Bludger to you and me. Her long billowing cloak follows her every move ;her sleek black hair waves gently in the winter breeze and her emerald green eyes glint menacingly in the dead of night . However her features are so delicate that even she fears that one day her face will crack and her human life form will disappear and be replaced with a terrorising , self-protecting , unearthly spirit of the dead…

  10. MO

    Imagine a place were nothing’s impossible, a place were there are no limits.This is were you will her.Matilda Ollivander is the most troublesome girl you will ever meet.Her long black mane of hair bathes on her back while her shimmering emerald eyes focus on her next victim.The short skirt she wears fits to tightly round her waist and her shiny top , crashing her rib-cage,was the deepest rouge.Her 12 and 3/4 inches wand was made from the feather of a beautiful Phoenix and her cloak was the colour of the inky night sky.Her head was full of nargles,things that float in your ears and make your brain go fuzzy. She was insane.

  11. Eleana m

    Imagine a forest, a land of shadows, were animals own the night. The creatures have hegemony. They get livid if you get too close, but one rules them all, one you don’t want to meet. You can easily identify its breed by It’s evilly black fur that makes him that bit scarier. The rare fox that attacks at speratic times, can give you a poisonous bite that leaves you blank for 24hours, then it gives you a 5% chance of death. But be careful, Black could be right behind you waiting to give you the fright of your life.

  12. Megan

    Imagine a world where magic is just around the corner, monsters roam around and everyone’s life is at stake…

    Stood in the middle of a spacious room on 6″ black diamant√© heels, each strand of conditioned hazel hair glistened in the early morning sunshine,she looked like a human gem. Melificent was at least 120 years old but certainly did not look it! A black ,pleated mini skirt moulded to her elegant figure surronded her like a second skin, with a smart black leather jacket to match.

    Her magnificent voice charms you with a simple “hello”, as her emerald green eyes stare straight through your mind and soul. She is a monster! Although people walk past her from day to day , no one knows her true identity. . .

    When the full moon shines in the dead of night this innocent young girl turns into a vampire. Her beautiful tanned skin turns into a new pale ghostly ,grey colour. Her normal day to day clothes morph into a sleek black cape and her t-shirt becomes a crisp white shirt. Then ,no one is safe.

  13. Georgia

    Imagine a world plunged into darkness. Forever. A place where mystery lies around every corner. That’s where she lives. Luna is a 13 year old who is far from normal. With her telekinesis and elemental powers, everyone is afraid of her.

    With midnight black hair and dark beetle eyes, all she ever wears is red or dark clothes. Why she does nobody knows. People think it is because she always hides away in the shadows. Luna hates her life, parents and her relatives. She has no friends. The reason for this is because at the stroke of midnight she changes and everyone hides away in their houses and lock their doors and windows as tight as possible…

    Doubling over in agony and pain, her true identity is revealed. Her skin becomes loose and falls off as it is replaced with fur that senses movement up to three and a half miles away. Fangs spurt and venom gathers up which could kill you with one touch. Rampaging with rage, she killed or destroys anything in her path. With the telekinesis and elemental powers she is the most dangerous thing in the world…

  14. Charlie

    Imagine a world crawling with monsters, imagine a world where you were the only person left, imagine a world where you had to battle hundreds of aliens all on your own. This place was planet Earth.

    Charlie needed weapons. He went down to his basement and unlocked the fingerprint lock and got the rpg. He looked outside and saw the monsters scraping against the Windows. It had just turned midnight. Charlie went to the balcony and looked down, he had three rockets for hundreds of thousands of monsters. Vicious but small, these slimy monsters don’t seem too bad but in their numbers they are unstoppable. Sprouting out of their fingers, they have sharp claws. Using all four legs, they could run 10 times faster than any human. They eat each other for food and druel blood from there sharp fangs. Only the toughest live.

  15. Jack

    Imagine a world crawling with monsters,imagine a world with no control,imagine a world with no money. Malt.

    The biggest monster in the land is Alex, nobody questions him when he barks orders.His tentacles flop around ready to whip whoever stands against him. Swords hang out his Green slime of a mouth ; His claws are so sharp it could kill the anything with one swipe.

    Alex is the ruler of Malt and he controls what happens to everybody. If you steal a piece of food you are sentanced to death! His rules are so strict that everyday monsters,even his siblings,try to kill him.

  16. J.S.B

    The Mandalorian bounty hunter,Jason Fett has a sleek ; grey ; rounded dome on the top of his helmet, a blue ;and black noise shield ; a night ,black ,moon light eye sensor which ables him to see behind him with a visor. A grey, WESTAR-34 with a sleek, yellow line across his laser blasters is one of the last thing probably a Jedi will see. His legs are full of the purest blue;leather suit with several shiny grey segmented armed plate and breast plate which allows him to be more flexible; it makes it easier to destroy Jedi, A bronze gauntlet projectile dart shooter that will help him assenate most people. Jason Fett stores his warm-blooded victims lightsabers that fall to his metallic grey knees. Jason Fett studied the force in his base on Camino he has a secret army of clones of him,waiting for his time to strike,leaking in the shadows; storking his prey, Jason is the spider and the Jedi are the flys but now is the time to STRIKE! The republic which will fall to his knees.

  17. Iona

    Imagine a forest, far far away, were animals lurk in the shadows. A terrifying fox that is the King of the forest. Mr Fox can scare people out of their skin with his loud howl. He has midnight black fur with a few very dark brown spots. Mr Fox is a fast runner when he sees his prey. When the full moon is out he goes to the tallest mountain in the forest so every body can here him. Be careful he can kill you.

  18. OF

    Imagane you’re in the galaxy far away on a ship that is massive. This person is a new Sith Lord , trained by the emperor himself , named Darth Walker who always hides in the shadows everywhere in the galaxy. He has a mask on where the eyes are covered instead of showing it off. The torn-apart cloak wrapps him up to be a no-tripper man. The Rock-hard boots stomp so hard,to it made a lighter move for this Sith that has joined the dark side. as In the cold back place,people think no one is there,but as the moments are passing by, the truth to the people is revealed, they hear something that they never hear and up comes a shadowy figure with the torn up cloak. A spitting red light appeared as Darth Walker smashes them up to heaven.

  19. Ellie

    Imagine a world where nothing is simple. Imagine a place where magic isn’t just a myth nor legend. Imagine a town where there is still mystery to be explored deep within. The town of Ivymont. In this town of unknown mystery lives a girl named Dani. Danielle Edwards. Everyone thinks her normal. Natural waves of mouse-brown hair, sympathetic emerald green eyes and overall beautiful facial features, she must be a normal person! But everybody is wrong. Dani is one of those people who are thought to be just a simple myth or legend, Danielle Edwards has magic. She uses telekinesis and Elemental magic to make any enemies close coward with fear.

    Danielle is an adventurous, inquisitive thirteen year old girl. With all the courage to do so, Dani is determined to explore the unknown parts of town.

    She is thought to be very brave and courageous because of her attitude and never says no to a challenge.


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