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Christmas Party Day!!


We had a rocking Christmas party.

Great games; manequin challenge at the disco and then finished with a little cleaning after the party food. :)

Creating a character

Hi Year 6,

This week we have been looking at creating interesting character descriptions based on our book Skulduggery Pleasant.

My task, for you, is: using all the techniques you have learnt so far, can you use your amazing imagination and write a character description which shows everyone how much of an amazing author you are?

I’m looking forward to reading your ideas

Mr Thompson :)

Boreatton Park

Year 6 had an amazing time at Boreatton Park!

What a super adventure week we had at Boreatton Park. The children and the teachers had a great time, testing their fear of heights on the high ropes and abseiling; and creating a fantastic team building spirit, with the problem solving and team work games.